119643141 3636388456405272 6816278931576084025 o3 SEP - A photo contest will accompany this years ROADPOL Safety Days (16-22 September) with a ROADPOL jury selecting the best snapshots.

All road users, national and international institutions and NGOs, educational entities from kindergartens to universities, police authorities, private companies and other road safety stake holders are called upon to share their ROADPOL Safety Days events by sharing their best photos promoting promoting road culture and raising awareness of the campaign.


The photos should fit the topic of road safety and the common goal of achieving zero road fatalities by responsible road behavior. They should illustrate the author's ROADPOL Safety Days event regardless of the setting and program. The photos will be classified by categories such as educational, private business, NGO, police, national/international institutions.

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ROAPDOL will be notified of photo entries by contestants uploading images to their social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) and LinkedIn. The publications should include mentioning ROADPOL by adding @roadpol_eu or @roadpol (depending on the social media platform). They should also contain the hashtag #zeromeanslife. Alternatively photos can be sent to ROADPOL Media Management at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A jury of ROADPOL experts will select the winning photos after a profound analysis upon criteria such as photo quality and road safety relevance. The winning photos will be featured in the ROADPOL Safety Days campaign next year with some of them being used as key visuals.

The contestants must upload the pictures during the ROADPOL Safety Days campaign - 16-22 September. The announcement of winners will be carried out no later than October 2nd through social media.