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The aim of the ROADPOL Safety Days (formerly known as Project EDWARD) is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities, which is almost 70 per day across Europe, to zero at least in one day.


Traffic police forces from our ROADPOL member countries participate in this road safety campaign each year.

Activities vary across countries but are centred on enforcement and prioritise direct engagement with and advocacy to road users. We welcome and encourage all countries (not just our current members) to participate in the ROAPDOL Safety Days campaign, organising national events and activities and sharing with us the road safety outcomes. We receive valuable support from the European Commission, which has been actively supporting the Project EDWARD since 2016. With our close and trusting collaboration, we would like to strengthen road safety on Europe's roads together. Schools, road safety organizations and many others support us with larger and smaller events. But everyone else can also participate by signing our road safety pledge and making others aware of the ROADPOL Safety Days.

The ROADPOL Safety Days will always take place at the same time as the European Mobility Week from September 16-22. Everyone can organize their very own ROADPOL Safety Day within the campaign week. Each year one of our member countries will host the main event. In 2021 the main event will take place on September 21 in Hungary. There we will report on the activities of the 2021 campaign and once again call on all European citizens to actively support us in the event week. However, depending on the development of the COVID-19 situation, it is possible that our main event can only take place digitally.

In the past 5 years, up to 52 people still died on our streets during the main event of ROADPOL Safety Days. Help us to reduce this number even further - to ZERO! 16 countries did not lose a single person on their roads on all campaign days from 2016 - 2020. In 2020, more than 300 actions were carried out for our project in Europe. They were organized by NGO’s, public institutions, charities, schools and universities. These actions included information and communication events, workshops, conferences and competitions, whose were organized to raise awareness among road users of the risks in road traffic.

Via our interactive map of the ROADPOL Safety Days! You can find out more about the individual events or get suggestions for your own road safety projects and register them with us.

Should your country be able to say "WE HAVE ZERO!" this year?

Then join in. Spread our messages. Make the traffic pledge to yourself. Talk to your family members, friends, neighbors and work colleagues about the ROADPOL Safety Days and ask them to be particularly careful and attentive to traffic on this one day.

Then we will achieve: "The day nobody dies on Europe's streets".