IMG 44359 MAY - ROADPOL's flagship annual campaign - the ROADPOL Safety Days - will be launched from Sofia, Bulgaria tomorrow, May 10th.

The unique campaign of the European Roads Policing Network runs for a week every September. It is dedicated to the Vision Zero approach targetting the eventual reduction of road fatalities in Europe to zero. Each year ROADPOL attempts to engage communities across the continent to prove that if by responsible road behavior fatalities could be reduced to zero for even a single day, there is no obstacle to achieving it on any day to come.


The event is planned as an international press conference with the participation of high-ranked representatives from ROADPOL and the host country. ROADPOL will be represented by General Secretary Sanja Veic (Croatia) and the network's Head of Operational Working Group, Chief Inspector Marijke Eskes, Chief of Trafic and CCTV Department of the Dutch National Police for Central Netherlands. Joining them will be leading figures from the Bulgarian Road Police and Ministry of Interior. The event will also be attended by national police professionals, representatives of national road safety government institutions, NGOs as well as the Bulgarian road safety press corps. At the event news and insights of the tactics and scope of the campaign will be announced for which a thorough report will follow.