23 Angliiski 0315 SEP - ROADPOL Safety Days event registration period is extended throughout the month of September for the first time in 2022.

So far the registration period has been limited only to the extent of the campaign days 16-22 September. As always the peak of the campaign remains in this period coinciding with the European Mobility Week, the flagship annual transportation and mobility event of the European Commission.


“The ROADPOL Safety Days project has the goal of achieving zero fatalities at least on one day”, explains RSD project manager Tasos Ashikkis of Cyprus Police. According to him many road safety events will be taking place across Europe, which are uploaded to the ROADPOL Safety Days website.

“Road users are invited to sign the campaign’s pledge to show their support and spread the key message of the whole project. The slogan of the campaing is “Stay alive and safe lives” implying how easy it is in fact to be a life saver by just acting responsibly on the road”, says Ashikkis. This communication campaign indicates the necessity to spread important and key messages on road safety in order to persuade road users that the respect of traffic rules must be their primary responsibility, while they are on the road network, in order to save lives and promote safety on the roads.

23.3.22 Tasos Ashikkis InspectorInsp. Tasos AhikkisTargets

The main messages created for the campaign give special attention to speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, being distracted while driving and failing to use protective equipment. The efforts are concentrated in convincing every participating country to maintain and promote important levels of police enforcement and awareness raising, based on evidence based messages and conclusions. The basic concept and objective of the project is to eliminate the number of people killed or seriously injured, every day on European roads.



“The project clearly shows that any death on our roads is unacceptable. So, we commit ourselves to a future, based on vision zero. The priority is to reach more and more people throughout road safety messages, so that all road violations (either traffic violations or other crimes or even minor offences) become socially unacceptable. RSD Messages are credible, persuasive, relevant, appealing and communicate that the desired outcome is easily achievable”, adds project manager Ashikkis. “And it is considered to be achievable, because progress made during the previous Decade of Action 2011-2020 has laid the foundation for additional actions in the years ahead, with broad dissemination of guidance on what really works and with strengthening of partnerships and networks, in the frame of RSD project”, explains Ashikkis. According to him the whole project provides a further challenge and an ideal basis for harnessing the successes and lessons of previous years and building upon them to save more lives in the long-term.