How to register an event

Date of Event: 2021-06-16

Step 1: Registration

First you need to create an user account.
(If you have already registered in 2020, you can use this account. In this case, please follow step 3.)
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Step 2: Registration (II)

Fill out the registration form and agree to the GDPR.
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You will now see the following information on your desktop:
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Check the email account you have used for your registration.
If you can not find it, please check your spam folder as well.
Click on the link in the email you got from ROADPOL (RSD contact form).
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After confirmation via the link in the email a new window will open.
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The administrator's review can take between a few minutes to a few hours. We ask for your understanding that we cannot always be active immediately.

Step 3: Log in.

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Step 4: Creating your event

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Step 5: Content

Fill in the title of your event (1)
and describe the event in the editor window (2)
Use your mother tongue!
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To add images to your text
Chose the image button in the editor (1)
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With the button upload you can upload images from your computer.
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You can upload images from your computer via drag and drop or browser.
Then click on the image (1) and upload (2) to the website.
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Click on the image you want to add to your text, then it will be visible in the URL.
Set the dimensions of the image (best 300 x 188),
Alignment or other settings.
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Step 6: Fields

Fill in the fields provided. 
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The address information is a mandatory field, without this information it is not possible to save the file.
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Step 7: Saving and Approving

After saving (1) the event will be checked and approved by an administrator.
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Step 8: your Overview

In your Usermenu you can see all your events and edit them.
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