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RSD in Warsaw

Therefore, the traffic policemen from the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters joined another campaign, the idea of ​​which is "ZERO VISION", i.e. reducing the number of road fatalities to zero. The greatest impact on safety is experienced by drivers who more or less consciously commit behaviors that threaten the life of other road users, e.g. by exceeding speed limits, driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs, not using seat belts, using a telephone without a hands-free kit, blocking crossings for pedestrians, parking on cycle paths or taking risky maneuvers. However, it is not just drivers who create dangerous situations. Many cyclists and pedestrians also ignore the rules of safe road traffic and contribute to collisions or accidents.

Warsaw officials urge road users to exercise extreme caution, not only today, but every day. Remember to adjust the speed to the prevailing road conditions. Let's not overestimate our own skills, and under no circumstances should we get into the driver's seat drunk. Whether we are safe largely depends on our behavior on the road. So let's follow the applicable regulations and use common sense.

The European Road Policing Network ROADPOL would like every road user to feel part of the Road Safety Days campaign and to contribute to the improvement of road safety at least to a minimal extent with their behavior and conduct.