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RSD w Żywcu

The key to improving road safety is largely changing the behavior of road users. That is why today policemen from the road traffic in Żywiec, together with representatives of the Provincial Road Traffic Center from Bielsko-Biała and students of the police class of the Mechanical and Electricity School Complex in Żywiec, carried out preventive actions, which they organized in line with the pan-European Road Safety Days campaign.

Three specially prepared tasks were waiting for drivers to make them aware of how little it takes to keep the roads safe.

Drivers who in some way violated the road traffic regulations had the choice of either getting a ticket or randomly selecting a task to be performed. They had a choice of three tasks: a quick first aid course, slalom with alcohol and drugs, or trying a crash simulator.


Drivers who had the opportunity to try the crash simulator did not hide their amazement when they found out that the device was traveling at a speed of about 15 km / h, yet they could feel the force of the impact. Also, slalom wearing alcohol or narcogoggles, i.e. special googles simulating the condition after using alcohol or drugs, aroused a lot of emotions. The drivers could see how much the perception changed and how much trouble they had in overcoming the track. As for first aid training, each participant confirmed the importance of basic knowledge of pre-medical aid at the scene.


The activities carried out are aimed at making drivers aware that road safety largely depends on themselves, on their decisions and attitudes. In conversations with drivers, the policemen also emphasized the fact that when we leave the roads, we take responsibility not only for ourselves, but also for other road users.