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RSD in świętokrzyski region

On September 16-22, 2020, the European Mobility Week is celebrated throughout Poland, the aim of which is to minimize fatal road accidents. TAs part of this event, policemen from the Road Traffic Unit of the Regional and Municipal Police Headquarters in Kielce and the Medical Team of the Preventive Police Department in Kielce, with representatives of the Regional Road Traffic Center in Kielce and the Polish Motor Union Branch in Kielce, and some local media at one of the Kielce galleries carried out preventive and educational activities. Together, the behavior of road users was promoted, the most common causes of road traffic and their disastrous effects were indicated. Police officers and partners provided pedestrians and cyclists with reflective elements, both in the form of bands and bicycle gadgets. Taking the opportunity, the road traffic uniform and the literature that joined the action appealed to all road participants to obey the rules, be prudent and cautious. Police officers from the Medical Team give instructions on how to deal with injured persons, e.g. in road accidents, how to provide the necessary pre-medical assistance, reminding that each of us may find ourselves in such a situation.

In addition to that, throughout the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, "Cascade speed measurement" were carried out. It should be remembered that the significant speed is still a major contributor and collision, which requires continuous and critical police officers.