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As part of the "ROAD SAFETY DAYS" action, which from 16 to 22 September is carried out on the roads of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship on the occasion of the European Mobility Week, policemen from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Świnoujście conducted classes for the youngest road users, during which they reminded about the basic rules the safety that pedestrians should keep.

During the classes with the youngest road users, the policewoman reminded about the places where it is safe to cross the road or railway crossing, how to make sure that it is safe to enter the road or tracks in a designated place and why reflective elements have " super power ”that can save our lives after dark.

In addition, police officer told what the bicycle of a safe cyclist must be equipped with and what rules should be followed when riding on two wheels.

The classes ended with a discussion of the policeman's profession. The officer prepared small gifts for preschoolers in the form of cutouts and coloring books related to the subject of "Safe way to school".