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The police in Sieradz reminds us - be careful on the road!

On September 18, 2020, the traffic from Sieradz joined the implementation of nationwide preventive and control activities entitled "Cascade speed measurement". They consist in carrying out controls on the same road at the same time, but in different places, by patrols arranged in succession on a frequently short section of the road. The head of Road Traffic Unit in KPP Sieradz presented the main objectives of the activities, which are to reduce the number of accidents and collisions on the roads. He pointed out that during the inspection, the police will react to the identified offenses, including: failure to comply with the obligation to fasten seat belts, carrying children in child seats and using a mobile phone by drivers contrary to the regulations, also to the issues of driving under the influence of alcohol or other means . He appealed to drivers to be cautious, obey the rules and adjust speed to the road conditions. Podinsp. Będkowski also presented the assumptions of the campaign, which took place on September 16-22, 2020, under the name ROAD SAFETY DAYS. It is conducted during the European Mobility Week in all European countries.