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Open lesson to mark Road Safety Days (ROADPOL) and European Mobility Week

Today, on the World Day of Peace, the Municipality of Lyaskovets through the Local Commission for Combating Anti-Social Behavior of Minors, together with the territorial structures of the Ministry of Interior and the Traffic Police, supported the campaign of the European Network of Traffic Police "ROADPOL". road safety and European Mobility Week. Road safety days are held under the motto "Stay alive! Save the Life! ”And the theme of the Mobility Week campaign was“ Pure Mobility for All ”.

Police Inspector Georgi Georgiev - a representative of the Traffic Police-Gorna Oryahovitsa and Junior Police Inspector Nikola Angelov from Lyaskovets Police Station, gave a talk to the students of the twelfth grade of Sofia University "Maxim Raykovich" - Lyaskovets. The topic was "Road safety and how to avoid traffic accidents" in support of the call to stay alive! Save Life! ” The conversation with the oldest students who already have or are about to obtain a driving license was part of the Road Safety Days and in connection with the campaign of the European Network of Traffic Police Services "ROADPOL".