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Anger management tips you can use behind the wheel

This year's FII TREAZ LA VOLAN! road safety campaign focused on the dangers of road rage, as well as the importance of being polite and calm behind the wheel. Between 16 and 22 September, the TREAZ LA VOLAN community joins the ROADPOL Safety Days project in an effort to increase road safety on European, as well as Romanian roads.

Thus, tThroughout the week, on Treaz la volan's Facebook page, as well as on the road safety portal, drivers will receive tips for managing their anger behind the wheel. These will be launched under the ROADPOL Safety Days umbrella, with the logo visible on every infographic shared, promoting the project. Apart from the anger management advice, information regarding the ROADPOL Safety Days pledge, project and activties, as well as statistics regarding road accidents in Romania, will also be shared.