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We need you to make Europeʼs roads safer


We call on all road users to rethink their behavior on the road. We would like to show you how you can reduce dangers in road traffic and increase your own safety, whether you are traveling by car, motorcycle, bicycle, e-scooter or foot.

If everyone makes small changes in their behavior on the road to reduce their own risk and that of other road users, we can achieve a lot together.


In our interactive map you can search for road safety events in your country.

You can also register your own event. Benefit from the many followers and visitors on our website to draw attention to your event.

Please notice: we can only accept event registrations in English language. You can add a description of your event in another language below.


Support the campaign by making your pledge.

Share your pledge in your social media accounts with #roadpolsafetydays and @roadpol_eu.

Print your pledge.

Tell everybody you know about the ROADPOL Safety week 16.-22. September 2020.


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